JRL Bedroom, 2014. Nothing beats helping your best friend refresh their space. 

C.T., 2014. Designed by Danielle Epstein in collaboration with Studio Matter-Made. A collection of sand-cast bronze objects inspired by the photographs of Bernd and Hilda Becher. Can function as a decorative object, candlestick holder, or vase (when used with the accompanying marble water bath). 

(In progress.) Swanson, 2014. Interior in Des Moines, IA.  

Capsule Installation, 2012. Designed by Danielle Epstein and Jamie Gray. A temporary retail environment created for the Capsule Trade show. Custom structure, cabinet, mirrors, and papasan chairs.

Capsule II, 2013. Designed by Danielle Epstein and Jamie Gray. For the women’s version of the Capsule Trade show, we reinvented the original temporary retail environment to reflect a more feminine aesthetic. Emphasis was placed on creating a space better suited to lounging. 

Capsule III, 2013. Designed by Danielle Epstein and Jamie Gray. For the third and final installment of this temporary structure, we chose to extend the structure’s reach and footprint by creating a series of furniture units based on the original logic of the piece. Custom pieces included 4 new display tables and a set of freestanding hanging racks. 

Capsule, 2012-2013. Details from the 2012 installation. 

Boxer, 2012. A modular storage cabinet designed by Danielle Epstein and Jamie Gray.  Rotary cut maple ply wood. The piece incorporates a simple graphic element to create a unique patchwork pattern which changes with each combination.